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MFS Sintering offers a team of specialists with recognised experience in the world of Powder Metallurgy. Our management team is integrated in the design process allowing us to offer unrivalled service developing new parts, processes, materials and finishes..

Our objective is to develop new processes and materials.

Our engineers take theory and put into practice. 









Employee Portal Implementation

In MFS, we remain committed to the future, so relying on new technologies, payroll and income tax certificates distribution will be held online from July 2014. So the information for every employee will be...   más


New!! Company Presentation & Technical Guide

See on the right side the new documents.   más


MES system Implementation

Since the end of January MFS is working in collaboration with Ibermatica, S.L., on the implementation of an MES system that allows us to have all the production process and quality control information in REAL...   más


We introduce you...

… our new Company image. In this precise moment of efforts and changes MFS bets up on improvements in product and services. As one of the main competitors in Global Sintering Business, we are pleased to...   más


Improvement Projects

During the lasts months we have been developing different projects at MFS with the purpose of improving our processes. These projects have been developed with the partnership of the University of Industrial...   más

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